Satlab specialize in advanced radio systems for highly embedded applications. Our main focus area is on customer-tailored SDR based payloads for nano- and micro satellites as well as TT&C systems for S-band and beyond.

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Satlab to develop VDES satellite transceiver for MARIOT project

Satlab will develop a VDES satellite transceiver for the MARIOT partnership project, which aims to develop a satellite-based maritime communication network and demonstrate selected maritime services over the Arctic. The transceiver will be based on Satlab’s extensive knowledge about Software Defined Radios for satellite payloads and experience from more than 10 years of working with satellite-based AIS reception. The project is a collaboration between six innovative partners and is partially funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.

The project can be followed from the MARIOT project page. For additional information on the VDES transceiver, please contact Satlab.

Published on 2020-03-26